Top 3 Triturating Juicers for Optimum Health

Juices provide nutrients and vitamins that can be essential for the brain’s healthy production of enzymes. These enzymes are then used to alleviate or prevent stress and stress related symptoms when you are practicing hypnotherapy. Triturating juicers are also known as twin gear juicers. To triturate is to crush or grind ingredients into a find powder which is what this type of juicers do. They use two augers for juicing and it is perfect for high yields of juice because the pulp becomes fully extracted.

Triturating juicers have a number of benefits including the production of high quality juice with lots of nutrients, little to no oxidation of the fruits and vegetables because of low speed and the ability to juice vegetables and other types of leafy greens. On the flipside, they also provide weaknesses just like other types of juicers. This includes longer time of cleaning; the juicing time is relatively longer compared to other juicers and is more expensive compared to other types of juicers.

If you’ve already decided on buying a triturating juicer, here are the top ones in the market today.

Green Star Elite GSE-5000

This is probably among the best juicers for 2014 in the market because of the affordable price and unique features that it comes with. Also, if you are able to master this machine, it can turn into the best machine to juice fruits and vegetables.

This juicer is the pioneer in twin gear technology making other triturating juicers with the same technology look like copycats. It uses bioceramic and magnetic technology with a special set of augers to do the job of extracting juice.

Green Star Deluxe GS-3000

This juicer is also patented with the twin gear technology but it does not go through the 3 step process of juicing. The price is also more affordable than the Elite version with a price tag that costs $50 less.

The good thing about this juicer is that it can also produce high yields of excellent quality juice. It also lives up to the reputation of a dual gear juicer and is made by a trusted manufacturer when it comes to juicers. Greenstar GS-100 is also along this line of products.

Super Angel 5500

This juicer was very popular back then and even became a fad in most online stores. This juicer costs over $1000 and has the best reviews on the internet as an excellent juicer. It can produce high quality juice and is able to extract from any type of ingredients including leafy greens. It is also one of the first types of triturating juicers to be available in the market.

This juicer’s manufacturer says that this is the only kind of juicer that can extract juice from seeds and produce live enzyme calcium. If you have the money for a top-grade juicer, this may be the one for you. It can last for a very long time because it is made of Stainless Steel making it luxurious. However, because of the steep price, this juicer is no longer being produced and you can only find them in third party online stores.

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