The Best Gun Safe for your Peace of Mind

When you practice hypnotherapy, keeping your mind relaxed is a priority. Owning or collecting guns without a safe place to put them in may add to your stress especially if you have kids around. It’s very important to protect your guns from attacks using heavy tools and fire emergencies. It may sound like you need to shell out a big chunk of money to buy this kind of safe, but there are gun safes that deliver these qualities under the price of $1000.

SentrySafe GM2459E

This safe is 59 inches and is solid enough to protect your guns from attacks as well as fire. It is also very affordable and simple to use. This elegant gun safe comes with a black powder finish and is made from well constructed steel making it resistant to any type of heavy tools. There are three deadbolts and three live locking bolts at the door for greater security. It also comes with pre-drilled holes that allow you to mount the safe inside your homes.

This gun safe has an electronic lock with the use of a 12 button keypad but it also comes with a traditional three spoke lever. All gun safe comes with a 5 digit pass code that the customer can key in and a factory code that can be used if you forget the customized one. The inside of this beautiful gun safe is carpeted to protect your guns and thee rare racks that can hold 24 long guns with a height 57.8 inches including long barreled shotguns, battle rifles ad action guns. This gun safe also comes with shelves that can be configured to store handguns, accessories and ammunitions.

Overall, this is a very good looking safe and is versatile enough to store different types of guns. It also comes in an affordable price of under $1000. Most gun safes that have the same features cost 3-4 times more.

Another great safe under $1000 is The Stack-On FS 24 MG-C gun safe that almost has the same features as the Sentry GM2459E. It comes with 4 adjustable shelves that can store different kinds of items. A good advantage of this gun safe is the barrel rest standoffs that let the user store rifles that are equipped with scopes to be clear off the walls of the safe. The Stack-On 24 also comes with different choices of color including brown, black and hunter green making it easier for you to match it with your home décor.

The lock of this gun safe is pretty much the same as the Sentry’s with traditional brass wheels and three live and dead bolts. It also has a lockdown after three failed attempts of the pass code and the electronic lock runs on AA batteries.

This bolt might be the second best gun safe under $1000 but it is definitely a good choice if you can’t find a good deal for a SentrySafe GM2459E. It also has a very elegant and beautiful design as well as an exterior and interior that you can rely on to keep your guns safe. Read on more gun safe reviews to get more options.

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