Laser Hair Removal for Stress Free Mornings

Have you ever experienced shaving just the night before but you end up seeing new hair growth just after waking up? These are thorny, unexpected and can take up a lot of time from your morning routine. This can be stressful especially if you don’t have enough time or are running late for a meeting that you have to look presentable for.

No matter what kind of process you undergo to get rid of your unwanted facial or body hair, you are probably very tired of having the same kind of problem. This is why more people are turning to laser hair removal for this type of situation. There are spas and dermatology clinics that offer this type of treatment and you may be really tempted to undergo this process to prevent those pesky hair follicles from growing back really fast. However, there must be a question in your head that you desperately want to know the answer to – Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal utilizes light energy to be focused on individual hair follicles found under your skin. However, it is important to remember that not all hair follicles grow at the same time. This means that not all hair in the area that is being treated will be damaged and some will still grow. This is why you need to undergo more than 1 treatment to target all of the hair follicles present in the area. Also take note that even after these treatments, you may still see some hair growing back.

Even though the label permanent laser hair removal may be inaccurate, you should expect that there is a remarkable hair reduction after 4-6 treatments. Hair regrowth can be maintained by having touch up treatments once or twice a year.

The price of treatments for laser hair removal can range from $500 to $1000 from reputable clinics. The treatment feels like a rubber band snapping on your skin. You may even smell some hint of burnt hair throughout the process.

The type of hair and skin tone can also affect the laser hair removal process. This is because the process is only efficient if you can get the laser to focus on variation of pigment. A good example is dark hair on light skin; this combination allows the light to be completely absorbed by the pigment. This is the reason why laser hair removal is not that effective on people who has gray or blonde hair.

Before you undergo every laser hair removal treatment, you have to make sure that you already went through some skin precautions. You need to stay away from getting your skin darker to be able to attract the laser to pigment ratio on your skin. Prevent going under tanning beds and also stop using products that make your skin sensitive like vitamin c serums or retinol. It’s also not advisable to undergo laser hair removal if you’re taking medication which makes the skin more sensitive to light.

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