How to Avoid Fights and Stress in Relationships

A relationship can give you a lot of pressure and anxiety especially when things are not turning out the way they should be. Sometimes, a smooth relationship can turn into a rough storm of fights and misunderstanding. If you want to stay away from these kinds of situations, you need to know when a fight is brewing to be able to stop it from happening. Remember that your partner may know everything about his favorite sport but won’t ever figure out what you’re feeling. As a good partner, you should also know what he is thinking about and what worries him. Here are some tips to make sure the ship goes back to its rightful course.

Always Be There

If your husband comes home from work and shows signs of not being happy like grabbing a beer from the fridge or not talking to you like he used to every time he gets home. Every person goes through situations that make them feel anxious or sad at a given point. But most people will not say or do anything to tell you that they are in great pain.

In our lives today, we only have a little time for meditation and to be present in every moment. The best thing to do is to have some quiet time and aim for peace and meditation. You need to do your best to listen to your partner and also to yourself so you can identify the feelings and allow you to identify where they are coming from.

Identify your Current Situation

You have to make sure that you know the cause of your relationship’s problems. You have to develop self awareness to be able to know the answer to this. You can create a scale to help you identify your current situation. Zero can be love and happiness while ten can mean divorce. When you rate the status of your current relationship, make sure that you are not overreacting because problems are mostly overblown at first sight.

Take a step back

Arguments can cause ruins to relationships there are underlying issues that can come up. Sometimes, you might even end up saying things that are better left unsaid. Humans will always react to some words and that’s the reason why they tend to escalate.

Remember that there are times when you need to leave your partner alone to give him time to ponder. You should also expect him to do the same thing for you, this is called courtesy. If you need to discuss an issue, make sure you are both calm and can listen to each other without fighting.

When the problem gets worse, consider talking about therapy as a couple or having someone else intervene and help out. Psychics are not the first solution to couple problems but if both you and your partner believe in readings and psychics, seeing a psychic can be an option. You can also try visiting online sites that offer free advice or online readings.


To end an argument, someone needs to sacrifice something. You and your partner should act as a team so you can keep on existing in this world. You need to focus on the “we” part of the relationship instead of the “me” part. Problems in a relationship should not be taken lightly, all problems may it be large or small needs to be taken seriously.

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