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Stay Healthy, Bike!


bikingCycling is a great way to improve your general health. It is low impact causing less strain and injuries to joints, yet still gives your muscles a good workout. When you pedal you use all your major muscle groups, but with cycling you don’t have to have a high level of physical skill. This exercise can be enjoyed by all ages and is also cheap, fun and great way to enjoy your environment.

Cycling can be a way to exercise as well as a means of transportation and sport. One of the most efficient ways for you to combine regular exercise with an everyday routine is to bike to work. Regular physical activity has been reported to protect you from serious diseases such as; heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity. It is also proven to be one of the best ways to reduce your risk of health problems associated with a lifestyle of sitting too much. Those of us who spend too much time at a desk or in a position of sitting for long periods of time in our profession would benefit greatly from this exercise.

Health Benefits of Cycling

Cycling can help you recover from an injury or illness as it can be done at a very low intensity and then built up as you recover. This is classified as an aerobic activity which gets your heart, blood vessels and lungs all working. As you bike you will breathe deeper, perspire and your body temperature will increase; improving your overall fitness levels. Some of the health benefits for regular biking are:

  • Reduces your anxiety and depression
  • Decreases body fat levels
  • Improves posture and coordination
  • Increases your muscle strength and flexibility
  • Increases cardiovascular health
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Strengthens your bones
  • Is a management and prevention of disease

Cycling can Control Obesity

One of the best ways to control your weight and increase your metabolic rate is to cycle for exercise. This exercise along with a healthy eating plan will build your muscle while it burns body fat. It is a comfortable form of exercise that allows you to change the intensity; you can either perform as a leisurely outing or increase the rate of pedaling to make it more rigorous. Research shows you should be able to burn 2,000 calories a week through an exercise program, cycling at a steady pace will help you burn about 300 calories an hour.

Cycle to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer

Cardiovascular diseases include; high blood pressure, heart attack, and strokes. With a regular cycling routine, you will stimulate and improve your lungs, circulation and heart to reduce your risk of developing these diseases. Cycling is proven to reduce blood fat levels, lower your resting pulse and strengthen heart muscles. Cycling also improves your lung function, and some studies are showing a relationship to cycling reducing the risk of colon and breast cancer.

Spin Cycling Can Provide All the Same Health Benefits

There are stationary bikes or spin bikes that make a wonderful exercise choice. If you’re looking to get yourself one, check out:

If you suffer from back, knee or joint problems a stationary bike is perfect to regain your health. Assistant fitness director at Little Rock Athletic Club, Kim Eskola reports spin bikes are very easy on joints and much easier to use than the treadmill or elliptical machine. You can achieve all the health benefits of cycling when you use a spin bike in your home or at the gym without worrying about weather conditions.

The spin bike can be done when it fits your schedule. You will not have to worry about the time of day and if it too dark outside for cycling to be safe, or if it is the hot time of the day or even if the area you are in is safe to bike through. Whether you use a spin bike in a gym or at home while watching TV, remember exercise is fertilizer for your brain as well as a great cardiovascular exercise. While you are pedaling, you will be creating rich capillary beds in your brain that will create more blood flow and more oxygen and nutrients to flow through. You will be benefiting both your physical health as well as your mental health. Read more on spin bikes at

Hypnotherapy and the Right Mattress can Help Your Sleeping Problems

uponamattressHypnotherapy is used by a lot of people to cure all sorts of disorders, even vices. It can make you quit smoking, drinking, and it can help give you a different perspective in life. Some people even go for it to help get a good sleep. But what does it do to you?

Hypnosis is referred to as a procedure where it changes feelings, sensations, perception and thoughts where a completely different behavior can be suggested. It can be used as an amplifier to therapy, and that is what makes it therapeutic. It can be used in a lot of possible scenarios regarding how or when to mediate the patient’s concern. So basically here you will see the rationale of using hypnotherapy in using it cure various sleep disorders.

You will need to understand that acute insomnia and even chronic, more often than not, respond to relaxing approach and also hypnotherapy, along with sleep hygiene instructions. So this is where having a good mattress, and a good bed can help cure your sleeping disorders. There are mattresses specific for side sleepers, heavy people or for those with back pain. Hypnotherapy has also assisted in nightmares and sleep terrors.

There are also well-documented cases where hypnotherapy cured patients with parasomnia, specifically sleepwalking, bedwetting and even body and head rocking during sleep which are difficult to alleviate by following mainstream medical practices. Remember that hypnosis is a specialized method, not a therapy in reality, and should only be used only as an add-on or an intervention within a total psychological treatment as a whole. In fact, most of the paperwork are only limited to case studies to some patients to an extent that it’s still very limited and difficult to produce a conclusive result.

Surprisingly even patients that claim to be cured by this technique still have a major placebo effect on the whole procedure. Trials outside an uncontrolled situation are very minimal and sometimes insignificant. It’s very hard to organize a completely random, double-blind, facilitated trial to assess hypnotherapy because you need cooperation and a little bit of rapport between patient and therapist to achieve an open and effective trance-like state.

To conclude, if paired with proper sleep hygiene instructions and a good bed, hypnosis can ease insomnia, according to research. Hypnosis can also help in treating nightmares, sleep terrors, bedwetting, and sleepwalking. But due to limited evidence of its effectiveness, no one can guarantee if it’s going to work for everyone else.

But yet again, due to the influx of people leaning towards alternative medicine, there is an immediate need for a much more extensive research and evaluation in the efficacy of hypnotherapy. There is a rapid growth of patients that have sleeping disorders and this has to be addressed with great haste. If you have having trouble sleeping, don’t hesitate to coordinate with your physician to make sure that your sleeping disorder is not a symptom of any underlying medical condition like sleep apnea and also delaying or self-treating can cause further damage or complication in the long-run.

Don’t Stress Over Pet Hair with Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Pets can be the source of a person’s stress especially when they cause a lot of mess inside the house with their pet hair. Any type of stress is not good for someone undergoing hypnotherapy. This is why buying vacuum cleaners is essential if you are a pet owner. Upright vacuums are one of the most popular types of vacuum cleaners. If you are considering buying an upright vacuum cleaner for your pet hair, this article will give you more information about this type of vacuum and how it works with pet hair.

The floors collect dirt that is pushed far into the fibers of the carpet causing wear and tear in areas where there’s high traffic. Bacteria and dust mites may also cause build up in the carpet that can produce odor and cause allergies to worsen. With the use of upright vacuum cleaners, you ca n keep your floors clean and the air always fresh. A high quality vacuum cleaner should have a system that is sealed coupled with an excellent filtration system that retains the dust particles instead of letting them circulate back into the house. There’s also an option to disable the roller brush for hardwood floors without the risk of them getting scratched. When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, the most important thing to note is the amount of dust and dirt it can pick up.

What to Look for in Upright Vacuum Cleaners

If you’ve already decided to buy an upright vacuum cleaner for your house, you need to choose one that fits your lifestyle as well as the kind of home that you have. The ideal vacuum cleaner for a house with pets is one that comes with hair removing tools. HEPA filtration should be considered for those people who suffer from asthma or any respiratory illness.


The weight of a vacuum cleaner is very important because you have to carry it all the time in all parts of the house. If you have a big house, the length of the cord should also be considered to make sure you don’t have to make lots of stops to keep changing electrical outlets. Check to see if the vacuum cleaner that you buy comes with a flat-to-floor profile and a reclining handle that lets you reach under furniture.

If you buy a vacuum cleaner, make sure it has an automatic shut-off feature to turn the cleaner off when you encounter things like shoe laces or toys. You should also make sure that it has shut off for thermal protection so if the bag is already full or the vacuum cleaner experiences clogging, the machine will automatically shut off.

Warranty and Support

Warranty is very important when choosing a vacuum cleaner for your home. Keep in mind that there are types of warranties that only cover the motor of the machine but not the labor and parts. It’s best to choose vacuum cleaners that have service centers near your house to avoid shipping fees when you have it repaired.

Laser Hair Removal for Stress Free Mornings

Have you ever experienced shaving just the night before but you end up seeing new hair growth just after waking up? These are thorny, unexpected and can take up a lot of time from your morning routine. This can be stressful especially if you don’t have enough time or are running late for a meeting that you have to look presentable for.

No matter what kind of process you undergo to get rid of your unwanted facial or body hair, you are probably very tired of having the same kind of problem. This is why more people are turning to laser hair removal for this type of situation. There are spas and dermatology clinics that offer this type of treatment and you may be really tempted to undergo this process to prevent those pesky hair follicles from growing back really fast. However, there must be a question in your head that you desperately want to know the answer to – Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal utilizes light energy to be focused on individual hair follicles found under your skin. However, it is important to remember that not all hair follicles grow at the same time. This means that not all hair in the area that is being treated will be damaged and some will still grow. This is why you need to undergo more than 1 treatment to target all of the hair follicles present in the area. Also take note that even after these treatments, you may still see some hair growing back.

Even though the label permanent laser hair removal may be inaccurate, you should expect that there is a remarkable hair reduction after 4-6 treatments. Hair regrowth can be maintained by having touch up treatments once or twice a year.

The price of treatments for laser hair removal can range from $500 to $1000 from reputable clinics. The treatment feels like a rubber band snapping on your skin. You may even smell some hint of burnt hair throughout the process.

The type of hair and skin tone can also affect the laser hair removal process. This is because the process is only efficient if you can get the laser to focus on variation of pigment. A good example is dark hair on light skin; this combination allows the light to be completely absorbed by the pigment. This is the reason why laser hair removal is not that effective on people who has gray or blonde hair.

Before you undergo every laser hair removal treatment, you have to make sure that you already went through some skin precautions. You need to stay away from getting your skin darker to be able to attract the laser to pigment ratio on your skin. Prevent going under tanning beds and also stop using products that make your skin sensitive like vitamin c serums or retinol. It’s also not advisable to undergo laser hair removal if you’re taking medication which makes the skin more sensitive to light.

Top 3 Triturating Juicers for Optimum Health

Juices provide nutrients and vitamins that can be essential for the brain’s healthy production of enzymes. These enzymes are then used to alleviate or prevent stress and stress related symptoms when you are practicing hypnotherapy. Triturating juicers are also known as twin gear juicers. To triturate is to crush or grind ingredients into a find powder which is what this type of juicers do. They use two augers for juicing and it is perfect for high yields of juice because the pulp becomes fully extracted.

Triturating juicers have a number of benefits including the production of high quality juice with lots of nutrients, little to no oxidation of the fruits and vegetables because of low speed and the ability to juice vegetables and other types of leafy greens. On the flipside, they also provide weaknesses just like other types of juicers. This includes longer time of cleaning; the juicing time is relatively longer compared to other juicers and is more expensive compared to other types of juicers.

If you’ve already decided on buying a triturating juicer, here are the top ones in the market today.

Green Star Elite GSE-5000

This is probably among the best juicers for 2014 in the market because of the affordable price and unique features that it comes with. Also, if you are able to master this machine, it can turn into the best machine to juice fruits and vegetables.

This juicer is the pioneer in twin gear technology making other triturating juicers with the same technology look like copycats. It uses bioceramic and magnetic technology with a special set of augers to do the job of extracting juice.

Green Star Deluxe GS-3000

This juicer is also patented with the twin gear technology but it does not go through the 3 step process of juicing. The price is also more affordable than the Elite version with a price tag that costs $50 less.

The good thing about this juicer is that it can also produce high yields of excellent quality juice. It also lives up to the reputation of a dual gear juicer and is made by a trusted manufacturer when it comes to juicers. Greenstar GS-100 is also along this line of products.

Super Angel 5500

This juicer was very popular back then and even became a fad in most online stores. This juicer costs over $1000 and has the best reviews on the internet as an excellent juicer. It can produce high quality juice and is able to extract from any type of ingredients including leafy greens. It is also one of the first types of triturating juicers to be available in the market.

This juicer’s manufacturer says that this is the only kind of juicer that can extract juice from seeds and produce live enzyme calcium. If you have the money for a top-grade juicer, this may be the one for you. It can last for a very long time because it is made of Stainless Steel making it luxurious. However, because of the steep price, this juicer is no longer being produced and you can only find them in third party online stores.

The Best Gun Safe for your Peace of Mind

When you practice hypnotherapy, keeping your mind relaxed is a priority. Owning or collecting guns without a safe place to put them in may add to your stress especially if you have kids around. It’s very important to protect your guns from attacks using heavy tools and fire emergencies. It may sound like you need to shell out a big chunk of money to buy this kind of safe, but there are gun safes that deliver these qualities under the price of $1000.

SentrySafe GM2459E

This safe is 59 inches and is solid enough to protect your guns from attacks as well as fire. It is also very affordable and simple to use. This elegant gun safe comes with a black powder finish and is made from well constructed steel making it resistant to any type of heavy tools. There are three deadbolts and three live locking bolts at the door for greater security. It also comes with pre-drilled holes that allow you to mount the safe inside your homes.

This gun safe has an electronic lock with the use of a 12 button keypad but it also comes with a traditional three spoke lever. All gun safe comes with a 5 digit pass code that the customer can key in and a factory code that can be used if you forget the customized one. The inside of this beautiful gun safe is carpeted to protect your guns and thee rare racks that can hold 24 long guns with a height 57.8 inches including long barreled shotguns, battle rifles ad action guns. This gun safe also comes with shelves that can be configured to store handguns, accessories and ammunitions.

Overall, this is a very good looking safe and is versatile enough to store different types of guns. It also comes in an affordable price of under $1000. Most gun safes that have the same features cost 3-4 times more.

Another great safe under $1000 is The Stack-On FS 24 MG-C gun safe that almost has the same features as the Sentry GM2459E. It comes with 4 adjustable shelves that can store different kinds of items. A good advantage of this gun safe is the barrel rest standoffs that let the user store rifles that are equipped with scopes to be clear off the walls of the safe. The Stack-On 24 also comes with different choices of color including brown, black and hunter green making it easier for you to match it with your home décor.

The lock of this gun safe is pretty much the same as the Sentry’s with traditional brass wheels and three live and dead bolts. It also has a lockdown after three failed attempts of the pass code and the electronic lock runs on AA batteries.

This bolt might be the second best gun safe under $1000 but it is definitely a good choice if you can’t find a good deal for a SentrySafe GM2459E. It also has a very elegant and beautiful design as well as an exterior and interior that you can rely on to keep your guns safe. Read on more gun safe reviews to get more options.

Hypnotherapy as a Cure for TMJ

Hypnotherapy can be used as a disciplinary approach to treat different kinds of medical conditions including TMJ. If you suffer from jaw pain, you will find that the relaxation benefits that you can get from hypnotherapy will help alleviate the symptoms that you feel. This is done through deep meditation and a deeper connection to your subconscious processes. It is a tool used for self-healing and to remove symptoms that relate to stress in your everyday life.

While the patient is submerged in the self meditation process, they can use customized imagery that they find can help heal them. Examples are images of nature or cosmic and spiritual connections that can be helpful when dealing with stress related medical conditions. There is also a chance of connecting with the healer within to help reduce symptoms and heal one’s self.

There are many professionals that specialize with these processes and can help you with your questions and clarifications. The alternative healing process can sometimes bring up questions that you need to address in order to clear your mind and relax.

Treating TMJ Symptoms

Treatments for medical conditions like TMJ usually include relaxation and stress reduction techniques that can benefit the patient by not allowing stress to contribute to the medical dysfunction. Most processes include hypnosis, yoga, meditation and breathing exercises that constantly shows positive results.

Are you a teeth grinder?

Bruxism or teeth grinding usually happens at night and it’s difficult to become aware of this condition because you are asleep. If you don’t have a sleep partner to help you tell if you grind your teeth at night, here are some symptoms that can help you identify if you are a teeth grinder.

• Jaw or facial pain and softness once awake and the pain usually subsides throughout the day
• Headaches or earaches
• Teeth have suddenly become very sensitive to cold, stimuli or pressure
• Tongue indentations
• Tips of the teeth look flattened

What is TMJ syndrome?

Temporomandibular joint syndrome is also known as myofascial pain dysfunction. This is a term used for some muscles, nerves and joints that are related to conflict in the temporomandibular join that connects the mandible (lower jaw) to the skull. Most symptoms of TMJ are related to stress and is partly caused by bruxism that damages the joint and cause pain once you are awake.

What are the symptoms of TMJ syndrome?

TMJ can start as a simple discomfort in the jaw muscles which typically leads to headaches, hearing disability and pain when chewing or speaking or even just slightly opening the jaw. TMJ can also cause various types of symptoms that can seem unrelated to jaw pain.

• painful jaw muscles
• Sharp facial pain
• Headaches
• Earaches
• A loud buzz in the ears
• Clicking and popping sounds in the jaw
• Difficulty when the jaw is opened or closed
• Difficulty or pain while biting or chewing
• Pain from the neck to the upper back
• Toothache
• Dizziness

How to Choose The Best Recurve Bow Sight

Just like hypnotherapy, archery can also help you relax your mind and keep focused. If you think that you’re already in that stage where you need a bow sight, you might be wondering about the type of sight that you need to buy or the model of the sight that you need. Choosing a sight can be confusing because there are literally hundreds of options available in the market today. What you really need to know is that there are three types of basic sights and there’s a good brand for every type.

The Open Ring

With this kind of sight, you need to line up your target until you see it in the middle of the ring. This is a cheap and reliable type of sight for recurve bows. Most experts would say that this kind of sight is good for short range shooting because when your target is too far, it’s hard to properly align it to the open ring. However, there are specific types of open ring sights that has a workaround for this problem.

The German made Ambo Iris open ring sight is very stable and unique. The multiple movable iris can narrow down the open ring’s size which is very helpful when you’re trying to focus on a target that is far away. Another great open ring sight is the Werner Beither sight tunnel. It comes with inserts of different shapes and colors so you can choose one that does not distract you or that blends into the background perfectly while taking a shot.

In general, the open ring type of sight is best for beginner archers because it makes the aiming process easier and more natural.

Type two: The Pin Sight

The only downside with this type of sight is that it’s hard to mount it on wooden bows. You need a metal riser so you can easily use this type of sight but if you don’t, you may have to drill holes on your bow. There are 2 types of pin sights; the single and multi pin.

The single pin sight is best for still targets whose distance is fixed from where you stand while the multi pin sight is good for moving targets because you can choose from the pins that is best for the specific distance of your target. If you wish to use this kind of sight for your bow, the best thing that you need to look for is good craftsmanship and stability of the sight.

Target Sights

This is the most expensive of all available types of sights around usually retailing up to a few hundred dollars. Target sights allow you to have windage and vertical alignments. It can also be combined with other types of sights for your recurve bow to give you the most excellent accuracy.

However, you need to have the skills required to use this kind of sight. If you want to get the best value for your money, you need to be an experienced archer. The Sure Loc Supreme 550 is the best target sight in the market today. It is lightweight, simple and it will not confuse you if you’re new to target sights.